Objectives proposed by the Embassy of Romania as NATO CPE in Georgia

NATO CPE logoAccording to the Terms of reference for Contact Point Embassies (CPE) in Partner countries and the objectives assumed by Romania as NATO CPE in Georgia, the Embassy of Romania to Tbilisi will perform the following responsibilities within its second mandate (2015-2016), in continuation of the previous mandate (2013-2014):

1. Support and facilitate NATO’s public diplomacy activities in Georgia by:
- Cooperating and consulting on regular basis with NATO Liaison Office in Georgia, NATO International Staff and Allied embassies accredited in Tbilisi;
- Contributing, jointly with the NATO Liaison Office, to the coordination and the coherence of the NATO-related public diplomacy activities organized in the host country;
- Organizing public diplomacy activities (conferences, workshops, seminars, etc.) and international events (flagship events), in cooperation with NATO Liaison Office in Georgia, NATO Public Diplomacy Division and Georgian authorities, as well as with the active participation of civil society organizations, on topics of joint interest for NATO and Georgia;

2. Work with NATO Public Diplomacy Division and NATO Liaison Office in Georgia to disseminate information and materials on NATO to various target audiences (NGOs, Media, universities, etc.) in line with NATO priorities;

3. Assist, as appropriate, with logistical organization of visits of NATO’s leading civil and military officials to Georgia. With regard to visits of the NATO Secretary General, other senior NATO officials or Permanent Representatives to the North Atlantic Council, the Contact Point Embassy will be involved, as appropriate, in preparation of the visits by offering guidance (whenever necessary) and briefing opportunities for NATO member states Ambassadors and Media.

4. Offer, upon request, with logistical organization of potential visitor groups (opinnion leaders and politicians, academics, NGOs representatives and journalists) to NATO Headquarters.


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  • The Embassy of Romania to Georgia express its sincere condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in the deadly gas explosion in Tbilisi that occurred on January 16 and its full sympathy for the people affected by this tragic event. We hope the injured persons will be able to overcome this difficult time as soon as possible.