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Romania’s economic path stands for solid proof that our country is currently a reliable partner for profit-oriented worldwide entrepreneurs to take upon. With a 3.5% GDP growth, the highest in EU 28, a 26.8% FDI increase in 2013 against 2012, insuring Romania’s leadership in SEE, and a targeted 2.5% inflation for 2014 are underpinning Romania’s positive trend in economic performance. For more information about Romanian economic outlook, access this link.



Romania has a cost-competitive business climate enjoying a 16% flat tax, as one of the lowest in EU 28.
For ensuring an investor friendlier business environment, Romania will introduce the tax exemption on reinvested profit starting July 2014, as further supporting development and growth.
Romania currently owns a 24% VAT standard rate and a reduced 9% (i.e. bread, wheat and flour, medicines, hotel accommodation, books) and 5% VAT rate (i.e. real estate, as part of social policy) applicable to the supplies of certain goods and services according to the Fiscal Code.

Setting up a company

Individuals and legal entities may freely enter into partnerships for business developing in Romania and set up companies.
There are no specific investment approvals required for setting up a business in Romania. The procedure requires fulfilling certain legal formalities such as getting registering with the Romanian Trade Register Office and the Fiscal Administration.

The commercial companies may be established as follows:

Limited liability company (SRL) – The shareholder liability is limited to the amount subscribed as participation to the company’s share capital. The share capital of an SRL must be of at least RON 200 (approximately EUR 45), divided into shares with a minimum face value of RON 10 each. A SRL may be formed by a minimum of one shareholder and a maximum of 50 (fifty). These shareholders may include individuals and/or legal entities.
A SRL is managed by one or more administrators who may have full or limited powers and who may be Romanian or foreign nationals. There is no distinction between companies operating with or without foreign share capital.

Joint stock company (SA) – The minimum statutory capital for a joint stock company shall be RON 90,000. Shares must be held by a minimum of 2 (two) shareholders, individuals and/or legal entities (there is no maximum limit), and can be open to either public or private participation. The minimum face value of one share shall be RON 0.1.

Partnership as a legal form is seldom used in Romania. The three kinds of partnerships provided by law that lead to the creation of an entity with legal personality are:

  • general partnership
  • limited partnership
  • partnership limited by shares

The partners in a general partnership and the active partners in a limited partnerships have unlimited liability with respect to the obligations of the partnership toward third parties. Among themselves, each partner is individually and collectively responsible for these obligations. 

Source: The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania

Labor market

Investors deciding for Romania have access to an extensively creative potential of highly skilled workforce enjoying reduced cultural and language barriers.
Born at the crossroads of different cultures and civilizations, where East meets West, Romanians are multilingual, flexible, innovative, and future oriented.
In terms of foreign language studies, Romania is above the EU average with 96% in first foreign language studied among middle school students as against the 83% EU rate.
Romania enjoys an amended Labor Code allowing enhanced flexibility of the labor market improving the country’s competitiveness and stimulates development.
Romania’s talent has a unique capacity to innovate, leveraging business for a more dynamic, more efficient and ultimately more profitable investment climate.

Foreign investors rights

•  National favourable treatment for foreign investors

• Foreign investment allowed in all sectors of economy

• Possibility to freely manage the company with full ownership rights

• Full repatriation of capital and profits

• Full protection against expropriation and nationalization

• Access to incentives and funds provided by EU and Romanian legislation


Investment incentives

Romania supports the implementation of investment projects throughout state aid schemes meant to encourage growth and create wealth. Starting July 1st 2014, a new package of state aid scheme complying with EU regulations is to be passed.

During 2009 – 2014 years, Romania granted 564.27 mill. Euro in state aid for a number of 52 projects, amounting 1922.86 mill. Euro, and generating 16982 new jobs.


Investment opportunities and key sectors:
  • Automotive & car components production
  • Aerospace
  • Wood industry
  • Energy and renewable energy (bio-fuels, wind energy and solar energy)
  • IT&C, including BPO centers and SSC
  • Infrastructure
  • Agriculture
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG)
  • Tourism

To find a Romanian partner-company or export and co-investment offers announced by Romanian companies, access the Directory of the Foreign Trade Portal of Romania (in English) or announcements about tenders (in Romanian)

Romania Trade and Invest (CRPCIS) is providing with the reference information about ROMANIAN EXPORTERS Directory (name and contacts of relevant Romanian companies). This Directory is based on the data and information submitted by companies registered in our exporter-promotion database, upon their individual consent, as they have been available at the moment of its compilation, and it will be periodically revised for editing twice-a-year updated versions. For more info and contacts click here. On the same page one can subscribe to the Business Newsletter of the Romanian companies.

For information about Romanian companies categorized by domains and counties, access this link.

The Romanian periodical InfoBusiness Magazine (in English), containing information about Romanian business opportunities and environment, can be downloaded here.


For more information about attracting foreign investments in Romania and promoting exports, contact the Department for Infrastructure Projects, Foreign Investment, Public Private Partnership and Export Promotion:

Phone: +4 021 316 31 29 (int 106/107), 

Fax: +4 021 316 31 10



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